wget -e robots=off -p -k https://www.dws-investments.com/EN/products/dws-alternative-asset-allocation-fund.jsp?fund-key=4495


-e robots=off – wget ignores robots.txt which may tell spiders to not download files

-p  – get all assetts (css/images/js)

-k – convert links to relative not absolute

1 thought on “Using WGET to download a website including css/js/images”

  1. Sam S.: Unfortunately, cron jobs cannot be set up to use part of a link or part of a file (in that job, it was using the ?delete-after part of the fileSam S.: Cron jobs must run a comtpele filecould you pls send me the comtpelely url path of the cron job file like cron.php?Thanks

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