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[Solved] AMD FX-9590 Lockups, System UnStable, retsarting itself.

by on Mar.27, 2017, under Windows

I built an AMD FX-9590 System almost 1 year ago, and I had no problems for almost one year.  Then I started having a ton.



Random Restarting

The first issue was that the computer would randomly restart itself.  After going through a ton of debugging steps including reseeding and replacing ram the root cause of this was due to overheating.  I have a corsair water cooling system and dust had built up on the radiator unit and was causing the radiator not to cool down.  The radiator was so hot, one could not touch it with their bare hands.  A can of air and dusting that off, seems to have resolved that issue.


System Instability

About a week or two later after the random restarting, the computer would just lock up.  Sometimes it would lock up 5 minutes after a reboot, other times it would make it a whole 4 or 8 hours.  Even sometimes a full day or two.  I tried a bunch of things, but what really seemed to work was the following.  Please note, I did all these things at once, and since they seemed to work, and I don’t care to play around with the machine anymore, I am keeping all of these things set!  So i don’t know exactly which specific setting or set of settings fixed it.


  • AI Tweaker-> AMD Turbo Core – Disable
  • Disable Cool N Quiet
  • Auto Boost – Off
  • C1 and c6 states – disabled
  • Installed, and mounted a side case fan, that flows directly onto the northbridge heatsink on the motherboard.

Since I have done the above, the system has been stable, for 4 days now, and has not locked up once.  I am writing these to hopefully help someone else.  Many of these tips I found on tom’s hardware with people having the same issues – so big thanks there!

UPDATE: the lock ups came back. I wound up re pasting the cpu with new thermal paste and cleaning out all fans and dust from the radiator. I have not had a single lock up since.

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VMware slow copy between host and Vitual Machine

by on Jan.23, 2010, under Windows

After installing windows 7 64bit on my computer as the host operating system, copying files from the host windows to my linux virtual machine was painfully slow. After some research I found the fix to be :
Going to the control panel -> network and internet-> network connections-> right click on your physical interface -> click on configure-> click on the advanced tab.

In here make sure ipv4 checksum offloader, large send offload v2 ipv4, large send offload v2 ipv6 are disabled.

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Adobe CS4 64 Bit Runs Sluggish

by on Jan.21, 2010, under Windows

cs4Recently, I upgraded to CS4 suite.  It took me a while.  I didn’t want to pay for what I thought was such a minor version update.  It was running slow on my windows 7 64 bit machine.  Zoom in and outs were sluggish and so was vertical scrolling.  The fix seems to be easy though:

disabling OpenGL support (in Edit> Preferences > Performance> Uncheck Enable OpenGL Drawing ).

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HTML 5 Review

by on Sep.11, 2009, under Linux, Windows


A colleague of mine recently came over to discuss HTML 5 the next major revision of HTML! He wondered what new and beneficial features were in store. The few noticeable ones are:

  • New “nav” and “footer” elements
  • Canvas tag for immediate bitmap rendering – this is so cool!  No more using gd libraries on servers – use the clients web browser!
  • Drag and Drop capability.  If you’ve ever created a website that had users uploading files we know this is a HUGE feature!  Gmail attachments will be so much easier now too!
  • Cross Document Messaging – not too much discussion on this one – are two pages going to be communicate with each other?
  • Timed media playback.
  • Video tag allows in browser playback – cool in theory but they dropped a specific codec, so now this is going to get messy!  Users will need to have codec’s installed or users uploading will need to take care!

These are the highlights.  In my opinion the drag and drop is by far going to be the most anticipated and highly used feature – next to video.  But regular end users won’t notice the video tag as they are use to flash.  So many users won’t even notice a difference.

Unfortunately, we’ll probably have about 10 years to go until we’re able to use these features.  Microsoft IE 6 is still lingering around, so we have to wait for that beast to die (2014)…..and with some hope and luck, we’ll be happy coding in html 5 within 10 years!

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kill all for windows

by on May.29, 2009, under Windows

Linux has a good command for killing a proccess (or multiple proccesses) from the command line.  Well what about windows?  It has taskkill:

Taskkill /F /IM process

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