I just wanted to write a review about my last interaction with ssls.com. Previously, we had always bought certain products from here and they were reliable, helpful, and always delivered.

Unfortunately, they have now turned into a deceitful company and have been engaging in possible fraud. That’s right – buyer be warned.

A few years ago, the SSL community changed the max age of ssl certificated from 5 years to 4 years, to 3 years, now down to 2 year max. This meant that average order values for companies like ssls.com plummeted by 50%. Unfortunately, their customer acquisition did not drop at all, it even possibly increased during this time span as more competitors came to light. Additionally, LetsEncrypt also came about offering free ssl certificates and eating into market share.

Now here comes the genius minds at ssls.com with a bridge to sell you (reference to the old, I have the Brooklyn Bridge to sell you scam). They start offering a 4 year certificate for you to buy. That’s right, the max is 2 years, but they begin selling a 4 year cert. When you dig into it, it’s 2 x 2yr certs. Cool, that’s fine I thought. Being in the industry I knew 4 years were not longer available and they found a neat work around to get bulk orders and they walk you through the proces sof what they are doing. Nothing shady there. Your getting a discount for buying 2 certs and you understand that after 2 years you have to activate the 2nd 2yr cert. Cool. Fair Game.

But then I guess sales weren’t that good. Because why buy 2 x 2yr certs when you really only need a cert for now and who knows what is going to happen in 2 yrs + from now. So I’m guessing sales weren’t too hot, because now we get onto the scam part. Now when you buy a 2yr certificate, they give you a 2 x 1 year certificates. They tell you to come back in one year to get your next year. Your not getting the 2 year certificate that you purchased.

That’s right, they make it a hassle to get your two years up front – they don’t even sell you it. It’s now 2 x 1yr certs you get. Which is not industry standard.

The problem here is that there is no mention of this on the product detail pages or anywhere else. They advertise and sell the product (a 2 yr certificate) as the same product that you buy anywhere else. They are a re-seller, so the same product is available elsewhere and when price comparing or shopping apples to apples, you really believe it is an apple your getting.

However, if you bought the 2 year certificate elsewhere, you’d be issued a 2 year certificate. You would not be issued a 1yr certificate and told to come back in 1yr to get a new certificate. Each time you come back is a hassle, you have to reactivate, possibly re-upload files, work with your hosting company, some hosting companies charge a fee for certificate installation and testing, etc.

So when your being told that your buying a 2 year certificate and then your being issues a 1 year certificate – that can only be explained as fraud.

If you want a 2yr certificate from them, your now stuck buying the fake 4 year certificate so you can get the 2 x 2yr certificates.

Imagine going to buy an Audi A8. imagine you price shop between two dealers and then you decide to go with the slightly cheaper dealership. Now imagine when you sign everything, and hand them cash, they bring you in the back and they give you an A4. They then tell you in a year to return this A4 and then they will give you another A4. That’s not what you bought! You bought an A8 – not an A4.

Plain and simple -this company has become a bunch of scam artist. Playing cheap tricks on their customers all in the name of a quick buck.

This has apparently started on December 11th (or so), 2019. I hope they see their scammy ways in 2020 and reverse ship. Otherwise previously loyal customers who have ordered 100+ certs will leave in droves.

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