We setup a virtual machine on truenas to isolate some filesharing over a linux vm. So basically, the vm has a nfs mount to a share on truenas and its all on the local hardware.

Speeds were atrocious.

We used “time git status” as a measurement of how things were going. Our use case was access to alot of small files rather than large files being stored/moved, so this was immediately the first command we noticed that was not performing well.

On the VM:

real 1m41.585s
user 0m1.382s
sys 0m5.911s

On Truenas:

1.36s user
1.36s system
1.617 total

Yes, the output it different, that’s freebsd time vs centos time. BVut you can see 1.617 seconds vs 1 minute 41 seconds.

We applied the following two settings:

On the truenas interface go to Network-> Interfaces -> select the interface. Click on Edit, check the box for “Disable Hardware offloading”.

Next, go to the Virtual Machines tab and power off your vm if it is running. Then Selectt devices, click the three dots next to the NIC devices, and click on edit.

Select VirtIO as the adapter type and save.

Start the VM.

You should see better speeds then before.

After making these two changes, the same commands runs with:

real 0m6.444s
user 0m1.241s
sys 0m1.176s

Which is much better than 1 Minute and 41 seconds.

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